Valentine’s Day is all about love—and sweets. Heart-shaped chocolate boxes fill store shelves,

and restaurants end their romantic set meals with decadent chocolate soufflés or flourless 

chocolate cakes. While chocolate is nice, I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for one of my

favorite Moroccan sweets: kaab el ghazal.

More commonly known as cornes de gazelle, or gazelle horns, the almond-based cookies were a

staple of my childhood. My mother was often called on to prepare them, one of her specialties, for

family celebrations, and I would be her sous chef, peeling the boiled almonds before she ground

them into a sweet paste.

You could give your special someone chocolate this holiday, but kaab el ghazal, like love, are

sure to be a welcome surprise.  

Bake your own with this traditional recipe: